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Which model should you choose?

If you are still unsure about which model will best suit your needs, check out the comparison table. Select a model based on dimensions and explore the features each package offers. By converting your truck into a home, you will eliminate expensive fees and improve the quality of your sleep. It's also important to note that you are contributing to reducing pollution and costs by installing a diesel heater with your sleeper conversion, all while ensuring safety with CO2 sensors inside the cab.

Take a look inside of our sleeper.

What 2-3ft models bring to you?

The 2-3 feet models are perfect for those who need a compact and efficient space to sleep and store their belongings. With insulation, a power inverter, a 10" notched mattress, LED lights, a curtain, and small storage with drawers, you have everything you need to get a good night's rest and keep your items organized. It's a great option for those who prioritize sleeping comfort and simplicity, but need that extra foot.

What 3-4ft models bring to you?

The 3-4 feet model offers a bit more space and features for those who need more than just a place to sleep. With insulation, a power inverter, a 10" mattress, a fridge, a microwave, LED lights, a curtain, and small storage with drawers, you can enjoy the comforts of a small kitchen and keep your food and drinks cool. The upgraded version comes with additional features such as under bed storage, a wall-mounted folding table, a 10" mattress, built-in shelves, and more. It's an excellent choice for those who plan to spend more time in their truck and want the convenience of cooking and extra storage space


Check models by width



2 feet wide

Basic models includes: insulation, mattress, led light, curtain, storage cabinets, hanger, under bed storage

$ 2960

* 4 feet model is available as Team Sleeper (2 beds).

Scroll down and read more about it, or press here!

Choose add-ons that makes your life easier


3 feet wide

Basic models includes: insulation, mattress, led light, curtain, storage cabinets, hanger, under bed storage

$ 3545


4 feet wide*

Basic models includes: insulation, mattress, led light, curtain, storage cabinets, hanger, under bed storage

$ 4005




Fridge - 200$

Power inverter needed

Microwave - 200$

Power inverter needed

If you decide to build all three (combo) you will get discounted price for that combo - 650$, instead of 750$ (save 100$)

TV 24" - 350$

Power inverter needed

Window - 395$

Installation is included.

Entry - $350

AC (generator powered) - $ 3750

Cool down your truck's cabin, without having your truck idling!

Table - 100$

Wall mounted folding table


Choose interior material you like the most

When customizing your box truck sleeper, the interior material you select plays a crucial role in comfort, aesthetics, and durability.
We offer three premium material options to suit your needs and preferences:


Basic Wood Panel



Deluxe Wood Panel



Quilted Vinyl Foam Fabric

$ 1350


Team sleeper

Bunk (double) sleeper

As you could read, we are offering double bed sleeper. 

It is also basic model that includes:

  • Insulation

  • Mattress

  • Led Lights

  • Curtain

  • Storage Cabinets

  • Hanger

  • Under Bed Storage

All the upgraded options apply for double sleeper as well. Click here to check additional options.

$ 4570

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Safety first

Whichever model you choose, safety will always be priority.

If you decide to include a diesel heater for heating your cabin, we will ensure that you are safe to sleep in the cabin. A sensor with an alarm that detects the presence of carbon monoxide is mounted in the cabin, ensuring that you are protected from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Check our recent projects

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Waranty plan

We offer a solution:

As we specialize in converting box trucks to provide comfortable sleeping spaces, we recommend our warranty plan to fully leverage the potential of our cabin conversions.

The first year of the warranty is complimentary. 

Following this period, an extended warranty plan can be purchased. This plan includes a 1-year warranty for leaks and the inverter, along with a 6-month warranty for the diesel heater.

The price for the warranty plan is $300.

Time is money

Order lead time 

To facilitate your organization and time management, we strive to maintain high speed without compromising quality.

Sleeper installation and cabin conversion typically take approximately 3 days, depending on the chosen model and customization.

Contact us via email or phone call to schedule your appointment.


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Customatization possible

Have you got any special ideas?

Our models are 100% adjustable based on your needs.

Whether you need a double sleeper (2 beds), or opposite such as tiny sleeper (we had an order for sleeper only 17"), please send us your needs.

Next to diesel heater we are offering AC powered on lithium batteries.

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